Sustainability is not merely a philosophy for us; it’s a way of life. Our commitment spans various levels, incorporating cutting-edge technology to operate in a regenerative manner. We aspire to be a sustainable playground — a space where you can immerse yourself in sustainable business practices, experiment, and bring home valuable approaches to incorporate into your endeavors.


We get our energy from the sun, water, and wood around here, trying to keep things nice and eco-friendly. These resources not only stick around but also play nice with the planet.

NATURAL Materials and Construction

Our seminar house got a makeover using natural materials, like the good stuff that lasts and doesn’t mess with the Earth. It’s all about making a space that feels good inside. CO2-POSITIVE APPROACH We’re not just about being CO2-neutral; we’re doing our best to chip away at that carbon footprint. Just trying to keep things positive for the planet!

Celebrating Biodiversity

We are dedicated to safeguarding endangered breeds, nurturing a vibrant flower meadow for insects, and caring for bees and Alpine stone sheep to foster biodiversity.

Smart Sustainability Solutions

Our rooms embrace cutting-edge technology to optimize energy usage. From digital room temperature control to intelligent lighting and power sources, we seamlessly integrate sustainability with state-of-the-art technology for an eco-friendly and tech-savvy experience.