In our joinery, Louis, our carpenter and eldest son, redefines the value of wood. His craft is distinguished by a blend of traditional craftsmanship, aesthetics, innovation, and a discerning commitment to quality.

Fusing Tradition with Technology

In our workshop, traditional craftsmanship dances with high-tech in a distinctive symbiotic relationship. Our CNC milling machine, 3D printer, and laser cutter aren’t just tools; they’re creative companions. Together, they carve out a realm for innovative ideas, and we’re thrilled to share this dynamic space with our guests.

Sustainable Woodwork

At Klausmeisterhof, we give new life to farm wood by using it for our tables, benches, bar, and other furniture. This reflects our commitment to sustainable wood practices and highlights the invaluable impact of recycling in furniture production.

From Concept to Reality

In our innovation hub, ideas come to life, and we test bold concepts for the first time. Even together with our guests! It’s a practical space where creativity meets reality, and we explore the viability of new concepts.