Philosophie und werte

Philosophie und werte

WANDL is the epitome of change in Bavaria. We’re all about taking existing structures – whether it’s a farm, a unique concept, an old petrol station, or even a meadow – and giving them a modern makeover. Our goal? To spread the joy that drives us to our guests.

Meet the powerhouse duo behind WANDL, Curt Simon Harlinghausen and Monika Harlinghausen-Smith. They’ve turned Stockreit 5’s Klausmeisterhof into a contemporary gem while keeping its traditions intact under heritage protection. But it’s not just about revamping old spaces; they actively champion budding entrepreneurs and run a chic conference hotel and retreat tailored for savvy conference-goers. WANDL is more than a brand; it’s a commitment to blending innovation, tradition, and the thrill of sharing unforgettable experiences.

At WANDL, our culture is founded on core values that hold significant importance: Authenticity, responsibility, integrity, innovation, and sustainability.

Authenticity is paramount for us. Consistency and genuineness in both our actions and attitudes, without pretense, form the bedrock of our principles. With us, there are no frills—we get straight to business.

We seek partners who share the same commitment to authenticity. Responsibility is ingrained in our daily lives, extending beyond ourselves, our children, and animals to encompass nature and the environment. We invest in values, uphold and rejuvenate existing structures, and exhibit respect for what has already been created.

Integrity is a core value that defines us. At our place, everyone is welcome, and we’re proud to be barrier-free despite our mountainous setting and listed building status. We’ve got solutions catering to people of all sizes and ages.

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a way of life. We thrive on being at the forefront, often pioneering new ideas and technologies with our companies. From supporting start-ups to collaborating with scale-ups, we’re all about embracing continuous improvement, or as we like to call it, innovation loops. Our goal is to consistently discover new and better ways of doing things.


The impact is crystal clear. Those who prioritize the long-term well-being of the environment and society, acting responsibly for the benefit of our grandchildren and beyond, find greater fulfillment in their own lives as well. It’s a symbiotic relationship – by investing in the future, we enhance the quality of our present.